About Us

Ámame™ is a phonetic word that sounds like “I am me”. I am me, being that I, a member of the queer female community can be out and proud in this space, with no inhibitions whatsoever. A physical space where I can truly belong, and a physical space where I am truly accepted.

More than anything, ámame® is a lifestyle brand with the vision to empower the queer female community.

Who is Ámame?

An Ámame girl is a remarkable blend of boldness and sophistication, fearlessness and inclusivity. She is not just fearless but unapologetically bold, embracing her individuality and standing up for her true self.

Sophistication is part of her DNA, and she appreciates an environment where safety and discretion coexist with refinement.

She's at the heart of an inclusive community, one that celebrates diversity and welcomes everyone, recognizing the importance of individual backgrounds and experiences. This strong sense of community fosters connections, and she thrives on the support and understanding that flows within it.

Ámame girls value authenticity, understanding that embracing one's true self is a powerful celebration of freedom.

Mysterious, they find excitement in the unknown. They celebrate love, individuality, and life without compromises, recognizing that every moment is an opportunity for joy.

Ultimately, an Amame girl is a multifaceted individual who seeks a safe space to be herself, celebrating her identity and connecting with a community that shares these values and more..

An Ámame Girl is a Queer Woman who once felt displaced in the world but has now finally found her home. 💕

  • Individuality

    Be yourself, embrace your uniqueness.
    Ámame celebrates the beauty of individuality and empowers you to shine as your true self.

  • Inclusivity

    Ámame's exclusive club extends membership as a privilege, welcoming all queer women to find their place in our distinguished community.

  • Respect

    At Ámame, respect is our foundation. We stand strong against trash talk and trolling, fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and equal space where respect prevails.

  • Safety

    Your safety is our priority. Ámame is your refuge, a space where you can be you, secure in the knowledge that you are protected.

  • Privacy

    Your secrets are safe with us. Ámame values your privacy, creating a sanctuary where you can be yourself, in confidence and trust.

  • Freedom

    At Ámame, we celebrate your freedom to express, explore, and love. Unleash your spirit, for here, your freedom knows no bounds.

  • Community

    Community is the heart of Ámame. We're more than just an organization; we're a family of kindred spirits, united by love, acceptance, and connection.

  • Festivity

    Life is a celebration, and Ámame is where the festivities begin. Let's celebrate your uniqueness, your stories, and your love together.

  • Empowerment

    Empowerment is our promise. At Ámame, we believe in your potential to soar, and we're here to help you rise, grow, and thrive.

  • Love

    Love is at the core of Ámame. It's the essence of who we are and what we stand for. Love without bounds, celebrate every form it takes.

Why an Exclusive Space for Queer Women Matters

At Amame, we embrace the uniqueness of our members, making our community both exclusive and exceptionally inclusive. While we maintain certain membership criteria to ensure the safety and comfort of our members, our commitment to inclusivity runs deep. We believe that a diverse community is a strong one, where different perspectives and backgrounds are celebrated. 

In our world, exclusivity means that we curate a group of like-minded individuals who share the common experience of being queer women. This exclusivity creates a bond, a sense of belonging that is unparalleled. It allows us to create a safe haven where you can be yourself without compromise.

Inclusivity, on the other hand, means that we honor and welcome the diversity within our community. We understand that every member has a unique journey and story. We respect and celebrate these differences. It's not just about being part of a group; it's about becoming part of a family.

We have created an environment where every voice is heard, where every story is valued, and where every member is seen and supported. Inclusivity within our exclusive community is not just a statement; it's the essence of Amame. It's about being fearless, bold, and authentic—without exception.