Pure Sapphic Experience at Sea

Setting Sail for an Exclusive Experience Afloat

Welcome Aboard Gallo II

Get Social and Intimate. Meet fellow members.

  • Three Hours of Yachting Bliss

    A total of three (3) hours: One hour docked, followed by a two-hour cruise along Manila Bay.

  • Yacht's Passenger Capacity

    Gallo II can accommodate a total of 12 guests on board, excluding service staff and organizers

  • Food and Beverage Inclusions

    Canapés and Sandwich Selection, Bread and Pâté Assortment, Pasta, and Free-flowing wine and soda while supplies last.

  • Photo and Video Coverage

    Our in-house photographers and videographers are present to capture this unique moment. Additionally, service staff and a butler are available to assist in photography needs.

  • Icebreaker Activities

    We have engaging icebreaker activities designed to help everyone get acquainted. At Ámame, we're dedicated to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for our valued members, ensuring no one feels out of place and everyone enjoys themselves.

  • Seating

    Outside the cabin, seating options are as follows:

    - Front end: Floor seating
    - Back end: Proper seats and a table (Exclusive to Pink Circle Members)

    Inside the cabin: Proper seating arrangements which is open for everyone.