Ámame Introduces XO Events: Elevating The Pure Sapphic Experience


Ámame Introduces XO Events by Ámame:Elevating The Pure Sapphic Experience across the Philippines


Manila, Philippines - November 23, 2023 – Following the tremendous success of Ámame's recent 11.18 Open House Mixer, the esteemed brand proudly unveils its latest venture: XO Events by Ámame. This innovative series aims to break boundaries by bringing the Pure Sapphic Experience to diverse communities throughout the Philippines.



The inception of the Ámame Events arm was inspired by a vision to foster unity and warmth while magnifying community engagement. XO Events by Ámame seeks to redefine inclusivity and celebration within the female LGBTQIA+ community.

XO Events by Ámame prioritizes the essence of the Pure Sapphic experience, transcending venue limitations. 


"XO Events by Ámame guarantees an immersive experience, inviting everyone to indulge in an array of vibrant activities," shared Luna, Ámame’s Community Manager. "From dynamic dance parties to engaging parlor games and captivating watch parties, each event is crafted to cater to every participant's taste."



The essence of XO Events by Ámame lies in its promise to make the Pure Sapphic Experience accessible to all. It extends its embrace not just to current members but also warmly welcomes non-members. The recent 11.18 Open House Mixer, attended by almost 70 guests, boasted an impressive 89% satisfaction rate. Attendees unanimously praised the safe and secure environment created within a community of like-minded individuals.

"While Amame Online and Amame Lounge are undergoing further development, our team has pivoted to curate exclusive events and mixers for the sapphic community," noted one of the founders. “XO Events by Ámame embodies our commitment to serving and enriching a community often overlooked and displaced in society.”


"Ámame's 11.18 Open House Mixer showcased the incredible camaraderie and safety felt by all attendees," expressed Ámame’s spokesperson. "XO Events by Ámame endeavors to replicate and elevate this exceptional experience, reaching a wider audience while maintaining our unwavering dedication to safety and inclusivity."


XO Events by Ámame stands poised to set new standards, creating a vibrant and secure space for the female LGBTQIA+ community. It offers an array of experiences that celebrate love, camaraderie, and inclusivity.

For further information and updates, please visit XO Events by Ámame on Instagram at @xo.amame.


Contact Information:

Luna Alberto
Community Manager


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