• Keep our Location Secret

    It is prohibited to publish our location.

  • No Shoes Zone

    Bring socks or go barefoot.

    Space is carpeted and maintained.

  • Strictly No Minors

    Please bring your valid ID for verification.

  • Exude Respect and Kindness

    Discriminatory and offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Embrace Diversity

    Ámame is a safe space for all women regardless of background.

  • Always ask for Consent

    Respect boundaries.

  • Avoid Candid Shots

    Taking photos isn’t entirely banned. Just be mindful of the people who might be in the background and always ask for their consent.

  • Keep Information in Confidence

    Protect the privacy of other members.

    Do not share information and experiences outside the club without explicit consent.

  • No Drugs

    Illegal substances are strictly prohibited in the premises.

  • Keep our Home Clean

    Maintain the cleanliness of our safe space.

  • Maintain Proper Conduct

    Conduct yourself appropriately upon entering our building. Be mindful of noise in common areas and shared spaces.

  • Be Yourself

    Within the walls is a safe space for you to express your individuality.

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