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A New Start-up in Manila Is Challenging What It Means to Be WLW

Manila, Philippines: Amame 688, Inc. a queer-women-led start-up has officially announced their re-entry into the category of safe spaces for women and the wlw community. What was envisioned back in 2019 as a speakeasy bar in Manila for lesbians has evolved into something greater and more complex. Under the brand name ámameTM, the founders La and Jec envision an ecosystem built for the modern queer woman. Through the ámameTM Pink Circle, the founders envision a private and exclusive lesbian club with a bar opening in Makati and a social media/dating application that caters to the wlw demographic.

"Our concept was born out of an experiment we did back in 2019. Unfortunately, the pandemic was a real pain and we decided to take a step back until things fall into place. Today, it already has and we are so excited to announce our comeback", says President and CEO, Ar. La Diaz Cruz. 

"We realized in our numerous experiments, that non-straight women, specifically lesbians, are having a difficult time seeking friends or a potential partner, hence, we built Ámame. We want to share the love and give other women the opportunity to build friendships and find love too. Our name, Ámame, means 'love me' in Spanish, and at Ámame we celebrate love, acceptance, belongingness, and community." says Ámame's VP, CFO, COO and Head of Strategy, Jec Sarabia.

Ámame will officially be opening its doors by Q4 of 2023. In order to maintain the exclusivity, all members are required to undergo a pre-screening process with a monthly fee and a long waiting list for membership where an endorsement from an existing member is highly valued.




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